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Like many of its competitors, Strategic Human Initiatives provides a wide range of human resource management services on an outsourced basis, from human resource auditing and management training to HR compliance and strategic workforce planning. So what is it that makes Strategic Human Initiatives different?

Darlene Myers, president of Strategic Human Initiatives, is the principal strategic human resource consultant. "We are committed to making sure you are in compliance with what is perhaps the most important task of your employer responsibilities.

Strategic Human Initiatives offers CEO aligned Human Resource management strategies and coaching for improved productivity and success – from human resource auditing and management training to compliance and planning – for businesses in the Great Lakes Bay area.

  • We provide positive bottom line results from a strategic and practical approach to human resource management, aligned with your company vision, mission and long term goals – adapted to your unique situation through the use of metrics directly related to your human capital.

  • We present options clearly and concisely, enabling well-informed and fiscally responsible decisions.

  • We'll share the secret of why having a customized handbook is so important.

  • We can identify and address employee engagement and culture issues.

  • Our specialty is providing small businesses client-specific programs. 
Please contact us to perform a personal assessment – or address any specific issues you may have. Our fees are directly related to the number of employees on your staff, and initial consultations are free.

We specialize in helping companies from 50 to 100 employees in manufacturing, engineering, architectural, medical and dental categories.

We encourage you to take the employee verification process seriously. In the eyes of the federal government, the integrity of your employment records is just as important as that of your tax files or banking records. Not only will we help you avoid costly fines, but also, help your company excel with a sound HR strategy.



"If time and money are your most valuable assets, you will want to work with Darlene. Her experience and resources span the scope of both privately held and publicly owned businesses. She has smoothly navigated negotiations for all types of benefits, completed multiple ISO audits, solved compliance concerns, and prevented employer lawsuits. She takes direct control of employee and management challenges, freeing the business owner to focus on productivity. I strongly recommend working with Darlene, she is a true partner to my business and will most certainly serve as a trusted advisor to all of those she works with. She is part of our top management team and has proven to be vital to our strategic planning process."

Kim Eckelbarger
Tropical Benefits, Inc.

Interview with Terri Bork at
"Go Mind Your Business"

Strategic Human Initiatives can show you how to
make your employees feel valued in a cost
effective way.

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SHI Quote of the Month: “Discipline weighs ounces, Regret weighs tons” ~ Jim Rohn

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