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If your company or business has less than 50 employees, you may not need a full time Human Resource representative.  In this situation, using an HR Consultant could be the most cost efficient answer for your needs. Or, if you have 100 + employees and one HR professional – additional help may be needed from time to time for specific projects or initiatives. Call us – we can help.

For assistance with:

  • Workforce Planning: Analyzing your workforce to determine future needs.

  • Human Resource Auditing:  A four-step process including information gathering, evaluation, analysis, and action planning.

  • Employee manuals:  Updating existing manuals or developing a  manual.

  • Document review:  Reviews and audits to determine compliance with federal and state regulations.

  • Workplace Investigations:  Harassment claims, safety issues, claims of violence, etc.

  • Manager / Supervisor Training:  Methods of handling harassment, performance review best practices and techniques, OSHA for medical and dental practices, and many more.

  • Benefit Administration:  Assistance with benefits - both mandatory and voluntary.  Programs to educate employees on the value of the benefits their employer provides.

  • Compensation Planning:  Includes pay-for-performance planning, talent management, and total compensation including incentives, benefits, and work environment.  Compensation plans are carefully crafted to support the business strategy, the ability of employees to meet the demands of the business's strategy objectives, and the level of commitment by management to measure and reward employees based on their performance according to the objectives of the business strategy and plan design.

Darlene has spoken to multiple groups including - but not limited to the following organizations:

  • Palm Harbor Kiwanis Club

  • Clearwater Lions Club

  • Mease Manor of Dunedin, FL

  • St. Petersburg College - Women on the Way

  • Optimist Club of Clearwater, FL
Some of the topics available for presentation are:

  • Worksite Inspections: The new emphasis from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) focuses on I-9 Forms - staying compliant

  • Managing Employee Files for Organization and Compliance

  • Relationships in the Workplace (focuses on relationship building)

  • Is your Employee Manual a Liability? 

  • Maintaining a Neutral Stance in Employee Investigations

  • Time/Schedule Management

  • All Performance Reviews Are Not Equal
If you have an issue to be addressed or need a customized presentation, please call Darlene at 727-698-4241. She will be happy to design and develop a presentation specifically geared to your needs.

* See Training tab for training programs for management and employees

Darlene is available for Keynotes.
The biggest challenge employers face in
business is employee disenchantment.
Happier employees = happier customers!


Managers and Supervisors are often promoted to their positions based on excellent performance in a technical area. Unfortunately, their technical skills do not always carry over to interaction with the employees they manage or supervise. An innocent but inappropriate comment can cost a company thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation. By training your leadership group you can help to avoid these unnecessary costs. Training programs available:

  • Interviewing Skills for Managers

  • Disciplinary Procedures and Best Practices

  • Complaint Resolution

  • Developing Excellent Employees

  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

  • Sexual Harassment Training

  • Safety Training

  • Social Media Behavior
Do you have an administrative person handling your Human Resource 
tasks? Most of the time this is sufficient, but wouldn’t it be worthwhile to 
bring in a professional to review some key areas to ascertain compliance 
to critical legislative requirements?

There are employment laws and requirements that can put your business 
at legal risk if the appropriate steps are not taken.

A business owner once asked a trainer, “What if I train my employees and they leave my company?”
The trainer responded, “What if you don’t train your employees… and they stay?”   ~ Unknown

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