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"This letter is to communicate the quality of my experience working with Darlene Myers over the past four years. As an ISO certification/recertification lead auditor, I am hired to come into companies and review their policies, procedures and how well they document and abide by their own rules, based on the ISO 9001/2008 “Quality Management Systems – Requirements” an American National Standard. Darlene Myers was the lead ISO internal auditor for the company. Over the past four years,
Darlene led the company to successful recertification by ensuring they met and maintained their ISO requirements.

Darlene showed a commitment to excellence and has an eye for detail. I 
would recommend her without reservation as a consultant to any organization. Her work ethic and knowledge of quality processes and their relationship to human resources and its impact on various aspects of business, including the bottom line, would benefit any company interested in improving the interaction of managers, executives and front line employees."

Leopoldino Masiero
Lead ISO Auditor

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